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media-transit was set up in March 2000 and is based in Berlin.

media-transit moves in the area of potential between media culture and economic viability.

media-transit is
  • competent creativity
  • non-linear thinking
  • the synthesis of all imaginable media.
Ralph Jandacka
As a composer, arranger and audio designer, I create unusual electronic grooves and sound settings, producing for TV, broadcast, multi-media agencies and theater, and I'm currently looking for my own electronic groove projects. Five senses working overtime - I can move your mind.
Danijel Schorlemmer
A programmer and scientist who worked for more than 15 years with computers and learned them to love and hate. A countless number of projects are behind him and he is looking forward the same amount of work.
Mark Walz
He was born in Germany and grew up in Spain and England. Having studied Ancient Egyptian at Oxford, he decided that since no-one had invented a hieroglyphic keyboard and he couldn't draw he'd better stick to modern languages and now translates full-time from German and Spanish into English.
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